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Fees & Financing

Start Your Pain Free Life Starting at $ 999 Per Herniated Disc.


Our purpose is to provide quality affordable Spinal Decompression Therapy to every member of our community.

We understand that price is a factor for just about everyone when choosing whether to do a Spinal Decompression procedure. And with pricing starting at $999 per Herniated Disc Area our costs are generally lower because Spinal Decompression Treatment is what we are known for. 

However, when considering whether to undergo a Spinal Decompression procedure, your goals and the outcome, not just the cost of the procedure, should be considered as well, the value of body transformation and quality of life far outweighs the cost.

You are the only one who can decide which treatment is best for you. It is important that you recognize that you have a responsibility to participate in, and take ownership of, any decisions involving your health care.

clip_providers_home.jpgHistorically insurance companies are very slow to respond to new medical break through like Spinal Decompression. So until they do, Orlando Spinal aid center is doing everything it can to make the most successful back pain therapy program affordable for everyone.

Yes, Spinal Decompression Therapy is very affordable. The cost truly depends on each patient`s condition. We also have payment plans available for those who need them in order to make this therapy affordable for everyone.

Orlando Spinalaid Center has partnered with several leading patient financing organizations who are offering our patients, attractive and affordable financing options.

Our philosophy is simple:
Make spinal decompression therapy affordable to everyone!

Will insurance cover my treatment?

This is a very good question. If you have been injured in recent car accident the treatment will be covered. If your injury is work related we will verify your WC insurance prior to treatment. Be very careful about clinics that tell you your health insurance will pay. Insurance companies will not cover Spinal Decompression portion of your treatment but cover some of other modalities like ice, heat, tense, orthosis, cold laser therapy and physical therapy. They consider it an elective procedure like breast augmentation or eye Lasik surgery and we all know how your insurance feels about elective procedures. A clinic that can get your insurance to actually pay may not be completely honest in their billing practices, putting you at risk with your insurance company.

Reputable clinics will offer affordable financing options either in house or with a medical financing company. Some clinics will bill your insurance as a courtesy, because some companies will allow some of it to be credited to your out of pocket or deductible.

Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for spinal decompression.

When you call for your FREE consultation with doctor please provide your insurance information so we can find out how your insurance plan will participate in your care. In the event that you do not have any of these types of coverage, payment arrangements can be made through our office with participating health care financing companies. Everybody can afford spinal decompression therapy even patients on fixed income. Our goal is to make spinal decompression therapy affordable to everyone.

We wish you well...Better than 8o% of herniated disc patients get relief from decompression. Hope you find this a viable treatment option.

"Why Should I Choose You If You Are Not
Covered By My Insurance Or On My HMO List?"

If you are concerned about insurance coverage, you have every right to be. And, I'm going to answer this question very bluntly: Insurance companies are businesses run for profit. Their #1 priority is to make money - not to pay for your best possible health care.

If I am not on your HMO list, it is because I have chosen not to be. I have chosen to treat my patients the best way I know how - with the patient's best interest in mind -- not the way an insurance adjuster tells me to.

There is an old saying: You almost always get what you pay for. And, in this case, it is true.
We will be the first to admit, we are NOT the cheapest Chiropractor around. But "expensive" is always relative. It all depends on what you compare it to. Is our fee expensive compared to possibly a life of pain and suffering? Is it expensive compared to getting worse and being forced to have painful and risky surgery? Is it expensive compared potentially to not doing all the things you want to do because you are constantly in pain? How about compared to a possible life long dependency on all those pain pills you're taking… like Advil, Motrin  that kill 155,000 people every year. Besides the dangerous side effects… ever add up the cost of popping those pills --- over 20 or 30 years?

The bottom line is: You can go first or second class, that's your decision; but you get exactly what you pay for. If you are opposed to taking personal responsibility for your own health care, frankly, this program is not for you.

The cost of Spinal Decompression depends on the severity of the condition and the region being treated. Most patients will respond within 20 treatment sessions over a 4-6 weeks period.  Insurance may cover a portion of your care costs depending on the individual policy. We have had insurance companies that reimbursed our patients up to 90% of their treatment costs. We do bill your insurance company  as courtesy if you so desire.  Difficult cases can require more investments as more office visits are required. It is important to note that the total out of pocket costs for spinal decompression are usually considerably less than the deductibles and or co-insurance payments associated with surgery. We do offer payment options including discounts for pre-paid treatment sessions that our staff will be happy to discuss with you. 

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